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New Products
We have updated various sections with our new collection.

Customer designs are welcomed.

Bullion Wire Badges
We are capable to produce 5000 PCS of Bullion Wire Badges within 2-3 weeks.

Motorbike & Motocross Gloves
We have updated New Collection of our motorbike & motocross Gloves.


Reliable Trading Co. 

P.O Box # 2529
Disst Sialkot 51310 Pakistan
Tel: +92-52-4004798   
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Reliable Trading Co is Manufacturers & Exporters of all kinds of Hand/Machine Embroidery Badges,Military Uniform Accessories,Civil War Products and Leather Gloves from Sialkot Pakistan.As a group,we established in 1975.

Our Product Line:-

Hand/Machine  Embroidery Badges

. Blazer Badges

. Pocket Badges

. Cap Badges

. Club Badges

. Family Crests


. German WWII Badges

. Wings

. Emblems

. Pillow Crests

. Masonic Aprons, Collars,Uniforms,Badges

. Patches

. Peaks

. Key rings


. Shoulders

. Crests/Coat of Arms

Uniforms Accessories

. Aiguilettes

.Lanyards/Whistle Cords

. Sword Knots

. Tassels

. Laces & Braids

. Epaulettes

. Shoulders & Ranks

. Gorgets

. Sporrans

. Fringes

. Chin Straps

. Hat Cords

. Sashes

. Plumes & Hackles

. Chevrons

. Caps/Berets

Civil War Products

. Sack Coats

. Trousers

. Shell Jackets

. Frock Coats

. Great Coats

. Ladies Wool Cape

. Vests

. Shirts

. Kepis

. Leather Goods

. Brogans & Boots

. Brass Items

. Canvas Items

. Stainless Steel  Items

. Chevrons

. Uniform & Hat Insignia

. Sashes



. Motorbike Gloves

. Riding Gloves

. Driving Gloves

. Working Gloves

. Mechanic Gloves

. Cycling Gloves

. Gauntlets

. Army & Police  Gloves


We have a number of skilled workers in our Factory.We are working with departmental stores, whole sellers,brand names.We are capable to handle big orders as well as small orders.We also make designs from customer provided artwork as per their requirements.


We always welcome new customers and our old customers to consider us their business partners and good friends. Customer satisfaction is our main priority in the business and will always be. We Thank you for giving us this opportunity to serve you at our best possible level.

Our motto is to satisfy the customer with perfect quality, in time delivery, and most competitive prices .

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